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Who I Am

I absolutely LOVE gardening!

I’m passionate about good food and enjoy cooking for my family. I have grown organically in my own backyard for over ten years, where I’ve learned a lot through extensive research, trial and error, and constant practice. I am familiar with various styles of gardening, growing, and fertilizing. My harvest yields are up since applying new soil amendments. Working in the soil with my hands, the fresh smell of dirt, and raising green, healthy plants are some of the most satisfying things in the world to me. It brings me joy to work in my garden, and support others with their gardens.

I grow and harvest fresh, organic produce year round

Now 3 years of indoor growing, soon to come, greenhouse growing

Growing your own vegetables and herbs, indoor and out, is fulfilling, affordable, and tastes better than buying from the store! The best part is knowing that there are no chemicals or pesticides in your food. For a low starting cost, you can enjoy natural, organic, nutrient-rich food from your own backyard!

I can teach you how to:

Organically grow your favorite vegetables or herbs

Address challenges like drought and pests

With my help, you will be gardening on your own in no time!

Don Magness